The world's first Play-to-Eat game, RFOX Run launches on October 18th, 2021, with a twist of winning foodpanda vouchers

By RFOX MediaOctober 18, 2021

RFOX Run, the world’s first Play-to-Eat game, has launched today and is now available to play in Myanmar, from October 18th, 2021. Inspired by the famous Play-to-Earn model that's currently the biggest star in the metaverse, this new game will be unique and rewarding for users to play.  
RFOX Media, a subsidiary of RFOX, invented the Play-to-Eat model where users recognized as winners and have registered for an RFOX ID can redeem food vouchers on scrumptious Burmese foods ranging from Burmese curry to Mohinga, Nan Gyi Thoke, Burmese street foods and Shan-style noodles on foodpanda, Myanmar's leading food delivery service. 

By partnering with Goama, one of the top tournament game platforms, the game is now available on MPT's portal,  Myanmar's largest mobile network provider. This game is expected to reach more than 20 million locals. Having said that, RFOX Media's Play-to-Eat structure incorporates unique elements that allow users to win vouchers to have their favorite food delivered to them and be part of the RFOX community after registering the RFOX ID. The RFOX Run was launched following the recent rebranding of MYMEDIA to RFOX Media. This new media venture serves as the brand and marketing division for Southeast Asia-based venture builder RFOX's blockchain-driven ecosystem. 

How to participate in the Play-to-Eat RFOX Run game: 

  1. Users are encouraged to get the MPT sim card and be active on their platform.

  2. The user needs to click on the MPT Game icon

  3. Search for the RFOX Run game

  4. Join the game and the tournament.

  5. Start playing. Start winning.

The logistics of the Play-to-Eat RFOX Run game: 

  • The RFOX Run tournament will run for eight weeks, beginning with the first two weeks from October 18th to November 1st for users to participate.  

  • The game will be suspended for the next two weeks from November 2nd to November 21st to allow Goama to determine the first batch of winners from the first two weeks.  

  • The tournament will be back on from November 22nd to December 6th for the users to participate. 

  • The winners will receive a notification in the game to claim their prizes by clicking the 'claim' button. 

  • After clicking the claim button, the winners will be directed to RFOX ID sign-up page. 

  • The winners have to sign-up on the RFOX ID page to receive their voucher codes.  

  • The winners can redeem the voucher code on the foodpanda app and get their favorite food delivered to their doorstep. 

 About RFOX

RFOX is a metaverse builder based in Southeast Asia, with a mission to be the global leader in immersive metaverse experiences focused on retail, media, gaming, and rewards, through the RFOX VALT metaverse. The company has built the RFOX ecosystem of products and solutions that include online games, whitelabel NFT platforms, crypto-financial products, digital media platforms, and more. Its main token is RFOX, the digital asset that fuels the RFOX metaverse ecosystem and its immersive technology. 

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About foodpanda 

foodpanda is the leading Asian delivery platform dedicated to providing consumers with a diverse range of food, groceries, and other products quickly and conveniently. foodpanda is spearheading the growth of quick-commerce (q-commerce) across the region with its network of retail partners and Pandamart cloud stores to provide more on-demand options beyond the millions of food delivery options. foodpanda is available in more than 400 cities across 12 markets - Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Japan. foodpanda is a subsidiary of Delivery Hero, a global leader in the food delivery industry. 

About Goama 

Goama is one of the top pioneers in platform gamification, setting the standard for digital innovation and user engagement by collaborating with some of the world's most powerful super apps and brands. Goama provides a plug-and-play platform that generates unique gamified experiences, enabling its business partners to build engaged communities. Goama has partnered with the most popular apps in more than 24 countries to help them drive user engagement, increase monetization opportunities, and acquire new users. 

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