Massive Revenue Potential for RFOX Games

By RFOX MediaAugust 30, 2021

RFOX has often made it to the TOP 10 NFT Projects as NFTs. They have a few that are coming through that are gaining momentum that has their game out now. 

Once their game comes out, it is anticipated to cement RFOX's spot in the overall market. At the moment, they are making sure that it is suitable and palatable. This will then showcase the speedy growth of the emerging venture builder. 

The ultimate goal of RFOX is to take a lot of the market share because of their multiple games and the calls can be used across multiple games. It’s not just a one-faceted type of approach as they are going after everything.

What they have is clear projections and goals for every one of their ventures. An example is their four-year plan for games which is already currently in the works. By the fourth year, they have a projected hundred million dollars revenue. 

What’s amazing is that expected revenue is just for the venture of RFOX Games. That division is probably not as big in fairness as some of the other divisions. 

However, with this in mind, if there will be four or five divisions going, you can just imagine how much is coming through the bright future of the venture builder in a few years from now.

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