Chasing Space

By RFOX MediaSeptember 07, 2021

11 days until the first SHOP auction for the Callinova quarter, and we are really starting to see things come together now. Today we are thrilled to show you an updated VR walkthrough, announce who that very distinct building is being occupied by, and inject a twist for the first marquee SHOP in the Callinova quarter - join us as we chronicle the RFOX VALT journey.

Update 3/SEP/2021:

  • A new ad campaign launched for the RFOX ecosystem

  • We showed you the 5 exterior templates for the Callinova quarter

  • We showed you the NFT ownership certificates

  • We showed you the Callinova map

  • Gave you a chance to win a VR Headset and an early tour

  • Allowed you to apply to be a Quartermaster 

Where are we up to in the VR journey of the RFOX VALT development?

We have said since day one that we want to take you on the journey with us as we build out this ambitious and amazing new world. From the first walkthrough with white shapes and blob-shaped trees, we explained how we add textures and colors and how the whole landscape comes together. Today we show you how fast we are developing with our Rockstar design team and developers. 

What’s next?

We are very close to taking you through a flythrough that includes a tour through a SHOP. In fact, we will be giving you the royal tour next week, and it will be the first time we have shown anyone what it looks like to see the SHOPs implemented in the Callinova quarter and not just as a concept template on paper. We can’t wait and we have a few surprises for you when we do.

The SHOP sale is getting close and are we seeing increased interest?

Yes, put simply. We are having people make videos on where to buy, blogs on what your strategy should be in the auction and we now have people trying to broker deals before the hammer comes down, but that’s not going to happen. We have a great auction site our team of industrious developers has built and you will be able to watch the auction in real-time on-chain. We can’t wait to see how this plays out. 

The latest MAP

Who did that odd-shaped building get assigned to?

As it turns out, the building is a Planetarium. Odd shape for a Planetarium, right? Not really, and we are in space; the same design rules don’t apply, but remember not to judge a book by its cover. Things are not always as they seem. 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Chasing Space, where we join forces with VOID Cyber and award-winning astrophysicist Dr. Scott Bolton to bring you the education, exploration, wonder, and amazement as we explore the furthest reaches of the galaxy, all captured on NFTs, issued on Ethereum and through the brand new RFOX NFT platform. This is truly unlike any collection you have ever seen.

How did we manage to attract someone so accomplished in their chosen field to join forces with RFOX to bring such an exciting project to the RFOX VALT?

We did it with the help of our friends and partners at VOID Cyber. They will be occupying the first marquee building that we announce and this project is a testament to the type of quality projects they are attracting to the RFOX VALT. You can read about the announcement here.

The team behind VOID Cyber works with some of the biggest brands in the world, and they will bring a truly unique concept to the RFOX VALT. They will use all of their experience and network to help premium brands enter the blockchain space through the RFOX NFT platform and on a rotational basis. This means you never know who you are going to see next in their marquee store, but they have some great projects in store for you. They are also the team that worked with us to bring you the first-ever Reebok NFT collection. 

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