The VALT SHOP sale, ‘What’s in it for me?’

By ReinhardAugust 06, 2021

The word Callinova is a combination of “Calli” – meaning Calligraphy (a form of artistic writing) + Callisto (a Jupiter moon, which will be explained shortly) + Beautiful or Lovely and “nova”- meaning Supernova (a star that has exploded showing a sudden increase in brightness). Combined, we end up with an artistic explosion of brightness, which we think is perfect for the art based quarter— Join us as we chronicle the RFOX VALT journey.

An early look at The VALT - concept for illustration purposes

Last week we gave you an update on our Metaverse ‘The VALT’, we explained the first quarter Callinova and gave you a sneak peek at some of the assets.

Here’s the summary of what you missed:

  • SHOP sale before the 22nd of September (TBA)

  • 25 SHOPS only in Genesis quarter

  • Only available with RFOX Token

    Mega Moons bonus NFT for all purchasers of a SHOP in Callinova
    Don’t worry if you missed last weeks’ article, as you can read it here. This week we will tell you more about the sale, and what’s in it for you as a purchaser and as a token holder of both RFOX and VFOX.

An early look at Callinova quarter which is built in VR - concept art for illustration purposes

So, what is The VALT?

The VALT is a retail VR based metaverse. We combine an immersive retail experience with elements of gaming, social media, and digital events, all built on Virtual Reality and with Mobile users in mind. Welcome to the future of connectivity.

So, what am I buying in the SHOP sale?

That’s a very good question and we have received countless requests to provide more information as we lead up to the sale.

  • The bid – You will have 72 hours to bid for the SHOP location you wish to secure. At the end of the 72-hour period, the highest bid for that SHOP will be declared the recipient

  • What is the price of a SHOP? – It is an auction and will be awarded to the highest bidder. Bids start at 5K USD equivalent in RFOX (RFOX quantity determined on the starting day)

  • How do I pay? – We accept (ERC20) RFOX bids ONLY for the auction. This is the only form of payment accepted and bids will be refunded when someone outbids you.

  • What does a SHOP look like? – There will be a number of standard templates for your SHOP, and you will be able to customize features according to your tastes and needs. More info will be provided closer to the sale date.

Image Gallery image 1
Image Gallery image 1
Image Gallery image 2
Image Gallery image 2
Image Gallery image 3
Image Gallery image 3
Image Gallery image 4
Image Gallery image 4

  • How many SHOPs are for sale? – The first sale will only be for the Callinova quarter and there will be a total of 25 shops for sale. The quarter consists of 25 SHOPs for sale to the public, 2 Marquee Brand SHOPs and 3 RFOX dedicated SHOPs.

  • What do we get for being first to buy a SHOP? – Each SHOP owner will receive a Mega Moons NFT which will allow access to all standard events in The VALT for a period of 3 years.

  • How long before the next quarter goes on sale? – We will be spacing the sales over a 3-month period and will end with the final sale which will be close to the official launch

What is in it for me as an RFOX Holder?

As an RFOX holder you will be able to bid for a SHOP in The VALT, but you will also receive many benefits without participating at all. These benefits include:

RFOX Token Design
  • RFOX burn – Oh, it burns. 10% of all RFOX collected from the sale will be burned and removed from circulation forever.

  • RFOX staking – 15% of all RFOX collected from the sale will be allocated to people for staking and farming on the site.

Land Sale Fund Usage

What is in it for me as a VFOX Holder?

VFOX holders receive rewards relating to events in The VALT. The first main reward is as follows:

  • VFOX reward payment – 15% of all RFOX collected will be allocated to VFOX holders (date TBA)

Key Sale Points:

  • All SHOPs will be NFTs, and SHOP owners will have full ownership rights of the SHOP only. SHOP owners may choose to operate their own SHOP or rent to someone else. (Full T&Cs to be provided prior to the sale)

  • All sales for the genesis quarter will be in the native RFOX token

  • There will be 2 Marquee shops and 3 RFOX shops in each quarter as well as central buildings that differ from quarter to quarter and house concerts, events and more.

  • A total of 25 Premium SHOPs will be available via auction in each quarter.

  • Each Premium SHOP will include an NFT ‘proof-of-ownership’

  • The Genesis Quarter known as Callinova which is ART themed will go on sale first and include Mega Moons NFT as an exclusive bonus

  • Multiple SHOP templates to choose from and create in

  • The auction will run for 72hours

To buy a SHOP, you will need to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Set up your wallet

  2. Get $RFOX

  3. Subscribe to the RFOX Newsletter for updates

In Summary

  • SHOP sale before the 22nd of September (TBA)

  • 25 SHOPS only in Genesis quarter

  • Only available with RFOX (ERC20) Token

  • Mega Moons bonus NFT for all purchasers of a SHOP in Callinova

  • 15% of RFOX from the sale set aside for staking and farming

  • 15% of RFOX set aside for VFOX holders (date of distribution TBA)

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